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Mapping The Political Landscape, 2nd Edition
Canadian Text Mapping The Political Landscape
An Introduction to Political Science , 2nd Edition
Reeta Chowdhari Tremblay - Memorial University
Andre Lecours - Concordia University
Csaba Nikolenyi - Concordia University
Bassel Salloukh - Concordia University
Francesca Scala - Concordia University
ISBN-10: 017642413X  ISBN-13: 9780176424138
0 Pages   Paperbound

The book in a nutshell.

Mapping the Political Landscape: An Introduction to Political Science, second edition explores many issues that reflect the large diversity of Canadian society. Taking into account the increasing globalization of issues, this text/reader relates classical concepts of political science to differing political and cultural experiences. Mapping the Political Landscape is divided in to four thematic parts: Politics as Discipline, Ideas, Institutions and Change, with a small section of classic and contemporary readings following each chapter. The text assists the students with the readings by providing a set of questions relating to the readings and thematic commentary.